Copenhagen, Denmark
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The European Union have agreed to a zero Carbon emission by 2050, all member States but Poland. Here its the ash pits of the worlds largest lignite coal plant in Poland, Belchatow currently planned to run Well into 2060

A @vestas blade being transported to Esbjerg Harbor. The blades have increased so much in size that the roads have modified to fit the transports. Here a 74m blade passes through a modified roundabout in Tarp, Denmark. On assignment for

WAR FAIR is a personal project that examines the world of defence industry trade fairs. As the world yet again is rushing towards another arms race, and defence spending on a heavy rise, where are all these billions of dollars

“IT’S BEAUTIFUL! – i’d like 8000 of those…. and I would also like a new car” a general shouted looking at a newly released shiny bomb with a ROI (return on investment) of 80 meters. First he was clearly exited,

My story WAR FAIR is finally online. Ive worked the last two years visiting defence Industry fairs investigating where and on what all the billions of dollars are being spent while we again head into an international arms race. In

3+ years of work on worldwide air pollution is now finished and I feel a little like this steam formation (😧💨) from the Belchatow coal power plant. Looking forward to the next months shaping this huge body of work ready

One of the ash pits from Belchatów coal plant. Contrary to what you’d expect this plant is being upgraded and upgraded in recent years. Its the largest coal plant in Europe and the 5th in the world. The impact on