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“IT’S BEAUTIFUL! – i’d like 8000 of those…. and I would also like a new car” a general shouted looking at a newly released shiny bomb with a ROI (return on investment) of 80 meters. First he was clearly exited, but then changing his tone to a more direct, nothing between the lines, he wanted a new car, and clearly didn’t care the journalist (me) standing next to him.

WAR FAIR is a personal project that examines the world of defence industry trade fairs. As the world yet again is rushing towards another arms race, and defence spending again exceeding cold-war levels, where are all these billions of dollars being spent? And how does the world of selling war actually look?

Over the last two years I’ve visited numerous of the large defence fairs, with thousands of exhibitors and guests its a world of its own, far away from any frontline and many times with combating countries visiting the same fairs. It’s a world where marketing is king and death is never mentioned- it’s a world of defence and security, not aggression and violence, at least if you ask those immersed in it. I’ll let you decided for yourself.

This project got a honorable mention at PX3  Press/Political 2019.