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[bs_col class=”col-md-6″]Rasmus is an award winning artist, documentary photographer and filmmaker focusing on worldwide political issues and storytelling. He is a masterclass mentee at the world-renowned VII Photo Agency in New York (2014-2015) and a recent member of REDUX Pictures agency in New York.
He works with primarily with his own long term projects.
Through the last 10 years Rasmus have worked on refining his photography skills “with clients all over the world and a good eye for the newest trends in commercial and editorial photography he have developed his vision and style.” Good storytelling is all about human emotion and connection is one of his beliefs. Nothing beats a good story, and a good story is better remembered and leave a mark.
He works for international media clients like New York Times, Economist, Nat. Geo and likewise and is known for his hardworking mindset and always delivers on time.
Rasmus is represented by REDUX Pictures in New York.