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9.000.000 deaths – a year – a stagering number that stuck in my head as I was reading through the latest report on air pollution consequences worldwide. I decided to deep dive into the world of the unseen, what we all take for granted, but what for many is connected with huge health implications. Air.

Since 2016 I’ve traveled the world collecting air samples on every continent, from cities which struggle to breathe to rural areas where hidden away industry spews millions and millions of tangible polluting particles into the air.

With this project I’ve viewed my samples through a high-end microscope hoping for you to see these particles as physical as the screen you’re seeing this one- there is no difference, only the size differs. PM2.5 or PM10.

This is a 7 chapter story on air pollution, the people it effects and the world is being pumped into.

Made possible with the great help of ThermoFisher / Phenom World.