Copenhagen, Denmark
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Green Economy & Photography

Now is the time

Green economy, climate change and green transition - all topics that needs a strong visual language for consumers to interact. Whether its a product, a human connection or the mood of the land, images tells your story.


Whoever you are

Whether you're a corporation or a publication - showing what you're telling is key to user engagement and in the end understanding and change.


Striking images

Striking work gets the story out, it gets seen, talked about and shared. I have made green tech stories with most of the large publications in the US and EU (New York Times, Bloomberg, GEO etc.) and also worked with many Top100 companies in EU. My knowledge and understanding on the area gives you not only a photographer, but someone who understands where youre at, and what you're talking about.


Green Economy

Moving images

Moving images are useful for complex stories and when longer explanations are needed. I've produced well over 200 films on the green transition topic.


Green Economy

Green Economy

If you have a story that needs to be told, feel free to contact me on rasmus@rasmusdegnbol.com.

Green Economy


Green Economy