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Rasmus Degnbol (b. 1983).

Rasmus is an award winning visual artist and photojournalist focusing on worldwide political issues. He is a masterclass mentee at VII Photo Agency in New York (2014-2015) and a member of REDUX Pictures agency in New York since 2016. He’s one of the pioneers in photojournalism using drone photography to tell stories.

He works with primarily with his own long term projects and is mainly known for pushing the limits of what photography is and can do as a storytelling tool.

Through the last 13 years Rasmus have worked on refining his photography skills “with clients all over the world and a good eye for the newest trends in commercial and editorial photography he have developed his vision and style.” Good storytelling is all about human emotion and connection is one of his beliefs. Nothing beats a good story, and a good story is better remembered and leave a mark.

He works for international media clients like New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Bloomberg, Economist and likewise and is known for his hardworking mindset and always delivers on time.

Rasmus is represented by REDUX Pictures in New York.


2021 – Royal Photographic Society – Science Photographer of the Year. Shortlisted.
2020 – Royal Photographic Society – Science Photographer of the Year. 3x selected (Causes & Hope).
2020 – American Photography AP37. Winner.
2019 – American Photography AP36. Selected.
2019 – PX3, Honorable mention. Political/Press.
2017 – Lensculture Exposure Award 2017, Finalist. – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – American Photography AP33. Chosen.
2016 – CCA Andraxt Award, Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling. Patricia Asbæk. – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – IPA, International Photo Awards, 3. place Political Issues – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – PDN Photo Annual Winner – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – International Color Awards, Winner – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – Picture of the Year, Denmark Open Class. Winner. – Europe’s New Borders.
2015 – Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival. – Mailuu-Suu.
2014 – Shortlist Accedemia Appulia, London. – Reindeerpeople in the East.
2014 – Black&White Spider Awards – Honorable Mention. Reindeerpeople in the East.


2020 – Royal Photographic Society – Science Photographer of the Year. 3x selected.
2018 – Aspects of the Landscape, SAK Svendborg, Denmark. Europe’s New Borders.
2018 – Solo exhibition, Danish Parliament, Copenhagen, Denmark. Art Residency.
2017 –Fujifilm International Festival, Viseu, Portugal. Europe’s New Borders.
2017 – Lensculture, Borders, Boundaries, edges. Europe’s New Borders.
2017 – Photographic Museum of Humanity, Exodus. Europe’s New Borders.
2017 – Manchester Museum, Refugee, Manchester, UK. – Europe’s New Borders.
2017 – Living Human Rights, Copenhagen, Denmark. – Europe’s New Borders.
2017 – Us and them, NYU Gallery, Shanghai, China.
– Europe’s New Borders.
2017 – Take the shot, Gulf Photo Plus Gallery, Dubai. – Europe’s New Borders.
2017 – Solo Exhibition, Roskilde Bibliotek, Denmark. – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 –Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Copenhagen Danmark.- Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA.- Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – Bending the Frame, DYSTURB, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – OFF- VISA Pour L’Image, Perpignan, France. – Europe’s New Borders.
2015 – World Expo, Italian Pavilion, Milano, Italy. – Mailuu-Suu
2015 – Les Recontres d’Arles, Arles, France.
– Mailuu-Suu
2014 – See Me, New York Times Square, USA. – Tsaatan
2014 – Copenhagen PhotoFestival, Denmark. – Didde, A schitzotypical life.
Magnum workshop exhibition.
2013 – Copenhagen PhotoFestival, Denmark. – Tsaatan. Group exhibition.
2011 – Den Censurerede Forårsudstilling, Aalborg, Denmark. – Rold skov.

2016 – Photographic Museum of Humanity 2016 winner. – Europe’s New Borders.
2016 – CCA Andraxt Artist residency.

New York Times, National Geographic, GEO Germany, Guardian, Le Monde, The Republic (US), OZY,
Washington Post, Information, Politiken

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