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Everybody meet Muhammed. He left Aleppo in Syria 4 months ago and just arrived at the Greek shores. He instantly hugs his family, keeps everybody together and after the first couple of minutes tears burst out of his eyes. Pure relief. In Aleppo he was a Pharmacist, and he loved his work. Now he has almost no money left having paid 7200 USD for the 1 hour boat ride to Greece. A boat ride that involved armed turkish smuglers taking them from Izmir, and then camping in the woods for 2 days without food or water. The thing is – Muhammed doesn't know that due to Europes lack of involvement on the Greek islands and the local system collapsed. He, his 4 children and his wife will have to wait up to 7 days on Lesvos before getting their papers, and after that the long and today very unsafe journey towards the north starts. I hope him and his family make it somewhere nice and friendly.