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Thank you for following my work during 2017. Being a Photographer is by default a rather lonely type of work, but all of you in here makes it feel less so. So thank you for connecting, sharing and most of

This is Jasmina. She's 20 years old, and lost her husband when Myanmar military attacked her village on the 30. August this year. As they ran out the house her husband was shot twice from gun fire, and her brother

Everyday about 10.000 refugees wait at the Emergency aid delivery, but only 3000 Will get their rations. Every family get the rations bi-weeky and for this you need a rationcard. In the picture a Bangladeshi military man explains the need

I’ll be sharing photos from my latest trip covering the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh. Here two young girls plays in the ricefields of Jamtoli camp. The Camp hosts close to 60.000 refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing in their Homeland Myanmar. Since the